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About Katie

KatieKatie West is a Certified Empowerment Coach through iPEC an International Coaching Federation accredited program.  She completed her Masters in Education coursework at the University of Montana’s Creative Pulse Program.  In addition to being known for her consulting work with families seeking to find the right educational experience for their children, leading wilderness sailing expeditions, and  co-founding an elementary school in Portland, Maine, Katie’s insightful energy is what makes her unique in this field.  She brings her love of learning, life, and exploration to the coaching process, thus empowering her clients to live the life they have always dreamed possible.

It is my mission to allow the “truest” you to emerge as a result of our coaching.  I believe that each person has the most fulfilling answer to each of his or her own questions.  My role is to empower you to discover and listen to your centered yourself so that you can take action towards living the life you desire.  I promise you that it is completely possible and that you absolutely deserve this success!”
                                                                                    Katie West